Services & Goals

Using my personal Unexpected Path to Sunnyside Farm as a guide, we use equine interaction, reflection, discussion, and journaling to inspire a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Our goals are to improve our relationships with others, identify our unique gifts and strengths, and improve our interpersonal communication skills. Together, we will learn how to nurture a deep relationship of trust within ourselves and with our peers (Human and Equine alike).

Our ideal group size is between 4-8 individuals, but we are able to accommodate larger groups as needed. We provide refreshments and will work with you and/or your group on meal options depending on the time of day your retreat is scheduled.

Each retreat experience is as unique as the participants.  We work directly with all of our guests to create a meaningful experience that lasts long after their time on the farm.  This is our family farm and are blessed to share it with others.  We take what we do very seriously and personally work with our guests to create an experience of meaning and impact. Every retreat is customized to fit the individual or group in attendance, so that each experience is personal and unique.  On the farm, “it’s all about the stories,” and we look forward to you adding your own chapter to the farm’s story soon.