Instructors – Our Horses


We adopted Dude from a program in Erie, Pennsylvania. Dude is roughly 22 years young. He spent most of his time as a pleasure riding horse at a Christian Camp in the Alleghany Mountains. Dude is kind of a been there, done that horse. Don’t let his laid-back style fool you, the Dude abides on his own terms.


Oreo was our first mare (joined now by Bentley). She is the queen and diva of the herd. She too came from Pennsylvania with Dude. She is our largest horse in terms of stature and is about 20 years old. Oreo often needs time to warm up to strangers and requests. Her boyfriends protect her very well and she loves their attention.

Thunder (Chocolate Thunder)

Thunder is  15 years of age. He’s the alpha male of the herd. He came to us via Beach City, Ohio. Thunder would be enjoying a successful career on the show circuit but unfortunately, he has a bone chip in his front knee. He is the ideal trail riding horse and has many great years ahead of him. He’s always thinking and you would be surprised the many locks, latches, and doors he can open on his own.


Bentley is the newest and youngest member of our herd.  She is a 10 year old Palomino.  Her personality is as unique as her color.

Sinpae (Little Fox)

To our sorrow, Sinpae passed away late last year. We serve his memory with our mission.

He was a part of our original group of three rescued and brought to our farm. His Uncle Buff (Buffalo Hunter) and father Buck (Buckaroo) were the others. Sinpae now joins Buff and Buck; they were my original teachers and they will forever be remembered.