Philosophy & Mission

Leadership is too often synonymous and interchangeable with personal ambition. Without understanding how we communicate, we are unable to truly inspire others in a unified purpose.

It is our mission to provide a unique and meaningful retreat experience for all our guests. Horses are mirrors and can help us see deep inside ourselves. During all of our retreats they are the instructors.

We consider interacting with  1,000 pound animals and earning their trust to be a privilege.  It is a profound experience that we wish to share with others.

Purpose is defined many ways.  Over my life and professional career the men and women who lived a life of purpose and those I most admire all have common characteristics.  They have what is often referred to as an “it” factor.  It tends to be difficult to define and articulate.  Over time, I have learned that the “It” these people had is quite simply purpose.  These individuals of purpose live their lives in the service to others and their communities.  Their “It” can be best identified by these four traits/characteristics:

They recognize that All in life is a GIFT

They share their gifts GENEROUSLY with others

They understand their INFLUENCE and the importance of RELATIONSHIPS

Above all, they are GRATEFUL

Living a life of purpose is an intentional choice we make in the daily decisions of our lives.  Our decisions with the words we speak, our attitudes, and ultimately our behaviors define our purpose.  Living a life of purpose, requires giving all to this moment.  Only when we are fully engaged can we build the trust required to lead others effectively.   A horse does not care what your title is, how much money you make or accolades you have received.  A horse does not communicate using words.  Just like leading humans, to lead a horse requires intention, authenticity, and most especially trust.  There is a saying, “Horses can teach you a lot, little has to do with horses.”  Our retreat experiences create an environment where individuals and teams can go deeper with themselves and each other creating opportunities of reflection and relaxation.  Our retreat guests use the lessons they learn from working with our 1,000 lbs. free spirits and apply them to their personal and professional lives.   It all starts by embracing the moment we are in right now.   Make the choice.  Be Present.  Live It!