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Hello! My name is Mike Gocsik.

I am a former private school administrator and development professional.

I have over two decades of experience working for non-profit organizations and schools.  I have facilitated many retreats; I am also a writer, storyteller, and public speaker.

Let my Unexpected Path to Purpose & the natural beauty of Sunnyside Farm inspire your leadership journey!  Since moving to our farm in 2014 I have grown fascinated by the power and intelligence of horses.  The trust developed and earned between horses and humans is a dynamic relationship that has been a tremendous gift to me.  It is a gift I want to share with others.

We live in a fast-paced world and we all have so much going on in our business and personal lives.  I am offering you and your team a break.  A break from your office environment, your home life, to spend a few hours with me on the farm.  There is something special that takes place when guests visit our farm and interact with our incredible equine teachers.  Our farm has an incredible story and I look forward to you adding your own personal chapter to our story soon!

Please feel free to contact me at the email below. We can discuss your goals and start planning your Unexpected Path to Purpose

(419) 239-1460