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Below is a list of some of the corporations and organizations that have added their own chapters to the farm’s story:

        • Norwalk Catholic School
        • NOMS Healthcare
        • Vermilion Chamber of Commerce
        • Teen Leadership Corps
        • NorthShore Internal Medicine
        • Corteco USA
        • TransTec
        • Freudenberg NOK
        • St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland
        • Tittle and Perlmuter Law Firm
        • Vermilion High School
        • Huron High School

Below is the transcription of a letter I received from Oreo’s previous owner. It is a testament to why we do what we do here at the farm.

Dear Mike,

I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for Oreo because of her background – she deserves all of this. When I got her, she had a foal by her side

The guy I got her from was not in a good situation, he left all his horses outside all year and let his stallion run wild. He did not take care of them, and was himself not in good health. Who knows how much food she even got.

I always research my horses when I buy one, and poor Oreo had 9 previous owners that I could trace through her papers – I was 10, and you are number 11. I don’t think she had a good life until she entered my care; now she is in Heaven.

I’m so happy that her life turned out with lots of love ♥ for her. Many year of unhappiness and slight abuse, but now she has a fairytale ending!!! My daughter loved her with all her heart (she’s still mad that I sold her and I still hear about it). But Oreo was just too heavy.

In closing, I just wanted to say THANK YOU MY FRIEND for giving her a life she deserves!!

Joni Lynne Yotpolis